1st shot loading.....

by Gunner @, St Louis, Sunday, July 07, 2024, 21:45 (10 days ago) @ Slow Hand

It can happen in semi autos, benching a 1911a1 I always load 6 shots, fire the first round into a steel target then shoot a 5 shot group on paper. Mechanical operation/loading is best, as you noted first round loading can cause issues in some firearms.

I have watched youtube videos where the shooter had similar issues like I had and his flyers decreased when the rifle got a load it liked. So to test what I have seen I decided to load 5 rounds only in the mag and chamber a round by releasing the bolt from a locked back position.

My 300 Blackout SBR with two different 220 gr and one 194 gr subsonic loads never did had flyer issue, all loads shot small groups no matter how I loaded the first round.

I have had even leverguns act funny when benching so I use a muzzle up then lower to the rest for every round.

As for Hoot's question as to cleaning between strings, I did not, the barrel was scrubbed a few weeks back and had some fouling, sighter shots only before shooting the groups, the only thing I did was a few minutes of cooling between strings.


41 Mags rule, Baers rock!

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