300 Blackout for self defense.......

by Slow Hand ⌂ @, Indiana, Friday, June 07, 2024, 04:27 (12 days ago) @ Gunner

I’ve been on the 30l bandwagon from very early on. I really wanted a 30 whisper but back then, I wasn’t really into custom chambering and die’s only available from one source. I wasn’t ha0py that Remington and AAC stole JD Jones’ work, it was happy I could get SAAMI spec stuff. I found bulk boxed os Speer 125 TNT bullets and have used that for my high velocity round pretty much from day one. I haven’t shot anything living with it and that bullet probably would not be my first choice for deer but I’m betting it would do a fine job for ‘social work’.
For the heavies, I switched from jacketed match bullets to powder coated cast as long time ago. I’m not shooting them much distance and have no beliefs that a 220@1000fps will expand, so a cast lead will do the same as a jacketed for about half the cost. I use Missouri Bullet Company’s products and would recommend them.

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