300 Blackout for self defense.......

by Gunner @, St Louis, Tuesday, June 04, 2024, 11:03 (15 days ago)

I find it interesting seeing all these self proclaimed experts on the internet claiming the 300 Blackout is not a good choice for self defense, one even claimed it was useless outside of a short hallway!

Would the same “experts” say the AK 47 with it’s 123gr FMJ @ 2,350 fps be no good as well???? Seems they liked it a lot, it does have a track record of over 70 years. Comparable 300 Blackout load is a 125gr Plastic Tipped bullet @ 2,175 fps or how about a 220gr Open Tip Match bullet @ 1,000 fps, I sure wouldn’t want to be hit in the chest with that round. But the “webperts” say it’s not a good round for self defense.

Personally I prefer my more accurate AR to an AK and would never feel under gunned with my 300 Blackout SBR for self defense. A couple of months back we had a little drama at the homestead and my first reaction was to grab the 300 Blackout SBR, load the 220gr sub sonic loads in a 30 round magazine and set the rifle besides my desk, luckily we had no problems but I never felt worried with my decision grabbing it.

The 300 Blackout was birthed by the ideal of a 30 caliber round like the AK47 used but for usage in the AR platform with a high velocity load like the 7.62x39 round and a heavy bullet sub sonic load for quiet work. Gotta figure if navy seals and other SF units chose it I can depend on it.

Your thoughts????


41 Mags rule, Baers rock!

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