300 Blackout for self defense.......

by cas, Tuesday, June 04, 2024, 21:16 (14 days ago) @ Gunner

I've seen deer hit with 110gr Barnes X bullet, a couple hit with 125gr Ballistic tip, one hit with a 130gr Single Shot pistol bullet, one Russian boar hit with a 150gr ballistic tip and one deer hit with a 220gr Match King, I'd choose the lighter ones.

The 100 Barnes from a 16" barrel hit it in the neck, so that hardly counts.

The others were all fired from 10-11" Contenders. The 125's going the fastest in the 1900fps neighborhood. They all dropped on the spot. Not counting the 220gr Match King, that one was dropped with the 130gr SSPB, but kicking it bit and concerned it might get up, it got hit again with 220. Shot in the undersize, it did yaw and cut a big sword stab like wound, but hoping that happens wouldn't be my choice.

When I hunted with it, I felt confident in the 125BT's working out to 200 yards.

Most humans can't run 400 yards in 15 seconds and hop over a six foot fence, even when they haven't been shot in the chest like deer can ;-) , so I figure deer are a might tougher than men.

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