Leaving the Peoples Republic of Washington for Oregon?

by Otony, Wednesday, May 01, 2024, 23:59 (48 days ago) @ JD

We are moving from Walla Walla to Bandon, Oregon, which probably sounds like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

However, there is a valid reason. Politics and moral values aside (and you might be surprised at the local mores in southern Oregon) it turns out I am deathly allergic to, of all things, wheat pollen.

That being the case, from where we are in Walla2 you can basically travel roughly 4 hours in any direction and find wheat growing. The only place I am physically comfortable any longer is at the “shore” as us Yankees would call it, so the shore it is.

Where does that leave us in terms of dealing with the liberal left mindset? Amazingly enough, especially for a tourist town, Bandon seems to have a large and healthy dose of conservative values. Plus the sheriff and his posse share that viewpoint, which helps.

Does that make up for the rest of the misguided, misbegotten spawns of the devil that make up the state? Not really, but as I age out I’m sorry to say that it comes down to my health first, followed by values second.


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