Leaving the Peoples Republic of Washington for Idaho

by JD, Western Washington, Monday, April 29, 2024, 15:51 (51 days ago)

I was born in Washington state and have lived here all of my 60 plus years. It is a beautiful state, from the rain forests of the Olympic Peninsula to the rugged Cascade mountains to the high steppes and deserts of the eastern part of the state… My wife and I have finally decided that it won’t be our home any longer. It is no longer safe, affordable, or livable…

For most of my life Washington has been a great state. Then around 15 years ago the tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and all the others moved in. They brought in huge numbers of people from the east coast and especially California. These newcomers brought their liberal progressive views and politics with them. Washington used to be a reliable “purple” state with common sense and a pragmatic outlook on the world. The current Washington state has no common sense and has a touchy feely progressive view of the world. The newcomers, while complained about life where they came from, have proceeded to turn Washington into the same cesspool that they left behind. They don’t pay any attention to the politics and views of who they elect, but simply vote for whoever has a “D” next to their name on the ballot. We have a state and local government completely run and dominated by the democratic party. Spending is out of control and the democrats here have never met a tax that they didn’t like, consequently taxes and fees have skyrocketed. They have appointed liberal progressive judges and prosecutors and crime is rampant. Criminals are released out on the street the same day they are caught (if they are caught), only to be arrested dozens of times again committing the same crimes. The King County executive (Seattle) has publicly stated that no juvenile under the age of 19 should be incarcerated for ANY reason, and is working to close down the juvenile justice center. Last week a 12 and 13 year old were arrested for multiple armed car jackings, and they were sent home to their parents the same day! There is absolutely no consequences for criminals, and especially juveniles. Police are overwhelmed and tired of seeing those that they arrest set free before they even finish the arrest paperwork

Washington has spent literally billions of dollars on the homeless, and the problem keeps getting worse… The more freebies they give away, the more people show up to get them… Who could have imagined? Last week a group of illegal immigrants staged a protest to demand that the state provide them with free housing, because they say they are entitled to free housing and it is their right… Homeless camps are everywhere, including blocking many sidewalks, and leaving tons of trash, used needles, and causing huge crime problems, and the state and local government does nothing other than demand higher taxes to deal with the “humanitarian crises” and commission studies to investigate how to fix the problem.

Washington used to be a gun friendly state, but not any more. In the last few years the democrats have banned semi-auto rifles and some shotguns, banned standard capacity magazines, required a 10 business day waiting period for any gun, added fees for background checks that used to be instant and free. They also just added requirements that will put many of the small gun shops out of business… While they do these things, the crime rate continues to go up and up…

Well, my wife and I have finally had enough of watching this state circle the drain with no hope of anything being done to stop the death spiral. We bought a house in southern Idaho and are in the process of moving. Idaho is a breath of fresh air. People are actually friendly and helpful. Business people have bent over backward to help get things arranged for moving. No graffiti covering everything. No trash everywhere along the roads. I can walk into a gun shop and and walk out with a gun. Criminals are actually punished!!! Can you imagine…

Moving is the hard part, but we will get it done … Whoever said that you can never have too much ammo hasn’t had to move all of this stuff, but I will get it done..

I’m really looking forward to getting it all moved and calling Idaho home!!!!

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