The 10/22 torment continues

by Slow Hand ⌂ @, Indiana, Tuesday, July 09, 2024, 04:03 (9 days ago) @ A K Church

It’s honestly been awhile since I’ve had a 10/22 apart, but it seems to me that my issue was the bolt handle had to be pretty much perpendicular to the receiver to get it to fit in the fairly tight slot in the bolt. With the slop in the hole that the guide rod goes through, this is hard due to the leverage put on the handle out at the end. Seems like the bolt had to be all the way to the rear, which torques the handle back at a slight angle. I don’t know if you could grasp the charging handle with some soft jaw pliers and try to torque it back square, or pull it slightly too far to the rear, trying to catch the ‘far’ end of the handle in the slot, then let the handle forward a hair to get it to settle into the slot.


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