Has Anyone Here Ever Shot Any Of These?

by Sarge ⌂ @, Central Misery, Saturday, June 08, 2024, 22:46 (10 days ago) @ JimT

Notes from 2018-19

We've been having a raccoon problem lately, which culminated in a big boar catching a 60 grain Aguila 22LR SSS solid through the shoulders, crossing the body at a high angle from behind. Range was about 15 yards and it anchored him right there. There was a substantial exit and and the overall performance reminded me of similar size game I've killed with 38 Special target wadcutters.Rifle was a Marlin Model 60. A sample of one, but I was impressed.


Today we have ‘rib results’ for the Beretta 21A, loaded with Aguila SSS 60 grain 22LR.


Setup is a beef rib taped to a gallon water jug, backed by an old phone book.


I noticed the jug jumped more with each shot and drained faster than it did with the CCI Velocitors. One of these shots penetrated the jug and knocked a hole in the phone book, but could be plucked from it easily. The other two also knocked a hole in the back of the jug, but bounced back and were found inside it. These Aguilas drove substantially more and larger rib fragments into the jug, which no doubt contributed to it draining quick.


Another view of the recovered bullets. It appears all three hit straight on from about 10 feet and they all bored through straight enough to compromise both sides of the jug. I note that all three bullets expanded more than the Velocitors. Aguila obviously uses dead soft bullets in this load. I later clocked these at 682.7 fps average from the Beretta.


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