Thanks everyone.

by A K Church, Monday, June 03, 2024, 11:45 (16 days ago) @ JimT

My sample size is 1.

My CZ457 HATED the 60gr stuff. 6"-7" at 50 yds, and as others have noted, the occasional keyhole. I have no more.

There have been a couple of outfits who made 50gr subsonic. An apparently extinct outfit in the US called Patriot Ammo, and an outfit called Cascade de Mexico. The Patriot was allegedly made for them by CCI, they were out of the same city.

The CI is allegedly a former CCI factory for the Mexican market, now independent. It shoots OK not bad out of my Keystone pistol, and middlin' to poorly out of the rest of my fleet. It is easy to make Hollywood Quiet with it.

I bought more than I should have during the 2020-2021 shortages, but won't be buying anymore.

I think the weight limit for most .22s with "normal" rifling twists may be 45 grains or so.

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