Understand - for years, I hunted whitetails with a 454C

by JohnKDM, Sunday, May 19, 2024, 15:21 (31 days ago) @ Gunner

and for rifles it was an '06 with 150gr BTs @ 2950 or a 35WAI using a 250gr XBT @ 2600. For whitetails all of them were good 'crumplers', to borrow an African term.

A lot of people around here learned subsonic 300blk was miserable on hogs and quickly gave them up.

Have you tried using supers with a can? It reduces the noise quite well and the supersonic crack is 'out there' and it is hard to for game or other hunters to locate the shooter's position. I use one often on full power 308W and it is much more ear-friendly when hunting.

Related note: branching outside of familiar territory is what keeps me interested in hunting these days. Just me, of course, but the challenge, learning something new, and gaining new insights into some of the old gun writer's articles make it highly interesting.

In 2022 I used an 1880s British double in 500BPE - 147gr BP under 340gr paper patched cast bullets running 1900fps. Took a 9pt at just over 100yds from a sitting position. I haven't been that excited over shooting a deer since I was a teenager... it was grand.



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