300 Blackout reload cost vs savings......

by Gunner @, St Louis, Sunday, June 30, 2024, 22:13 (17 days ago)

Ain't like the old days when reloading your own ammo not only gave you more accurate ammo but cheaper as well.

In the process of testing 120 and 150 grain bullets in my 10.3" 300 Blackout rifle I nick named Blaster, yes if you haven't been following my Blackout adventures I have two short barreled 300 Blackout AR's, a 10.5" SBR for suppressed shooting and the before mentioned Blaster for well, blasting :-D

The other day I calculated the cost of my 120gr Sierra TGK load, good bullet but cheap load, worked out to .61 cents per round and that was with a decent sale price primer. On the flip size I can buy AAC 120gr ammo for .60 cents per round. While I am sure the Sierra will shoot more accurate than the FMJ AAC is loading but I am not shooting for real accuracy or long range, hence the name of the rifle, Blaster!

Once upon a time you could load ammo that for the most part out shot factory and saved you several dollars per box. I find it interesting while component cost have gone up some factory ammo is not much cheaper :-| Sure Winchester, Remington etc cost has gone thru the roof but quality has gone down from all the reports I have seen. I remember years ago I could reload a box of 45 acp ammo for half the cost of Winchester white box, two thirds less for lead bullets.

SIDE NOTE.......if you haven't heard of and know who AAC ammo company is, it's a Palmetto State Armory company, they built a new building, bought all new ammo loading machinery, built a primer plant and bought new bullet making machines as well. I have tried several of their offerings and have been impressed by not only the accuracy but cost as well. All made in South Carolina.
Speaking of 300 Blackout and AAC, their 220gr OTM subsonic is amazing, one hole groups and quiet as a bunny fart.


41 Mags rule, Baers rock!

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