Going through a desk drawer I came across my Hal Waugh knife

by Rob Leahy ⌂ @, Prescott, Arizona, Saturday, June 29, 2024, 12:39 (19 days ago)

It's BARELY legible as a Queen Steel #39 model. Looks like a Schrade. This was handed down to me from my great uncle Harold "Hal" Waugh the first Master Guide in Alaska. He was a peer of Pinell & Tolifson, at one time they all shared the Dead Man's Bay hunting concession on Kodiak.
Julie, his wife, gifted this knife and a few other items to my uncle Terry Reese. Terry, knowing that I had the closest affinity for Hal, gifted me with this Brown bear tooth from Hal's record book bear and this knife. Hal died of the London Flu in 1971. a friend, Chuck Kiem, had clients and friends write stories of their memories of Hal and Julie Waugh. I read the covers off the first copy my mom gave me. Hal was a hero in her family... [image]
Hal & Chuck used to write for Alaska Fishing & Hunting magazine, His articles were compiled into this book. a fun read about Alaskan outdoors.
The Tooth was made first for terry grandfather, Hal's father by terry who was a jeweler for a few years...

Grancel Fritz's bear


Terry was with me when I shot my first deer a couse buck, high up in the back country of the Chiricuahua mts. Terry took me on my first Alaskan bear hunt. Hunting with terry was always a interesting and fun time. I am grateful he passed the legacy down.
My Prince of Wales Island Black Bear 4/88.

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