Bump Stock Lost in Boating Accident Washes Ashore

by Slow Hand ⌂ @, Indiana, Friday, June 21, 2024, 04:13 (27 days ago) @ Miles

That’s good to hear and I hope it sticks we all know how the ATF likes to bend us over and with other issues as far as ‘once a rifle/ always a rifle’ it would stink if they had some stupid deal where all the SBR stamps were invalid and you had to convert them to a rifle, not back to a pistol by simply removing the stock! I have a couple around I should just pop for the $200 and stamp them bUt I’m just lazy and it’s easier to keep them as braced pistols! I have other st Al’s, so it’s not like I’m worried about the atf knowing I have ‘stuff’!


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