I hear you. Here's some perspective...

by Paul ⌂, Wednesday, June 05, 2024, 13:52 (14 days ago) @ Hoot

A few months (year? more?) ago I ran Townsend Whelen's price on primers through the inflation calculator. Back in 195X (don't recall the exact year) he reported a cost of $1 per hundred for large rifle primers. I just did it again, this time taking 1955 as the year he wrote, but realize that may not be the correct date. Anyway, from 1955 $1 the price on those at $105/1,000 is actually slightly cheaper than Whelen's equivalent. Where he has us beat, though, is he didn't have to pay hazmat on mail order purchases.

And no, I don't care for the price either - but at least there's some on the market. LR has been all but unobtainium for years now. We can hope things work out better this year and that we can get back to "normal" pricing - but I won't hold my breath. Not with all the current idiocy floating around.

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