Pellets & #2 & #4 Blanks

by RayLee, Friday, May 10, 2024, 20:28 (39 days ago) @ E Sisk
edited by RayLee, Friday, May 10, 2024, 20:34

You have to load the pellets nose to aft and skirt to fore. Folk have been shooting primer-only .22 centerfires thusly for at least four decades. Won't work with the nose forward as you have discovered.

If there is the problem of the undersized pellet not staying back against the blank in your application, then a minute smear of grease/petroleum jelly is usually enough to hold it in place. The disadvantage if firing into the wind or dead calm is the diesel smoke smell from that grease.

B.T.W. the most fun I have had with this theme (blanks/pellets) is with the break-open beretta 21-A. Also works in the taurus .25 acp near copy with shotshell primers. The .25 airgun pellets can be pricey per shot but the big stores (cabela's, etc.) often clearance them for $2 to $4 a tin.

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