Good Time At CSA

by JimT, Texas, Monday, April 29, 2024, 07:46 (51 days ago)

I left home last Wednesday and headed North for the CSA in Arkansas. On the way I stopped at runaway Bay, Texas and visited with some old friends. We had met back in the '80's when we all lived in Arizona. Sam & Fran Bass and their daughter and son-in-law. Sam passed some years ago but Fran is still going strong! She is 91 and doing well. I visited with them for about four hours and really enjoyed catching up.

I then drove up into Oklahoma and spent the night, then went on to Clarksville, Arkansas the next day. Most all of us stayed at the same motel and I was happy to meet some old friends I had not seen for some time.

We visited,shot guns,shot the bull and enjoyed ourselves. Friday it started to rain about 3 PM so I got out as I am driving my 2-wheel drive Ranger and it is a good climb out of the bottom where we shoot. Saturday was pretty good all day in spite of the forecast.

Sunday I left early and drove to my daughter's in Oklahoma. I will be here most of the week before heading back to Texas. We have a shooting range about a hundred feet from the front door so if I want to do any more shooting it is fairly easy.

Ele era velho.
Ele era corajoso.
Ele era feio.

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